Cats Adore and Manipulate Women

Cats Featured today: Bear, Bobbie, Bubbles, Roscoe and Spooky, Charlie and Jessie, Cia, Cleo, Hope, Jingy, Kiko and Mandy.


We knew this already, but now it’s made the scientific news. Cats love and manipulate women. Read all about it here



We don’t think it’s the best idea but a couple of plovers have made a nest on our house’s footpath. You would think that our savage ragdoll cat would have deterred them for the idea but not. We have to be very careful when we leave the house through the front door. We’re going to post progress photos of the incubating to see if the chicks make it. Lots of dogs, cats and horses walk past the nest every day.


A couple of very windy and cool days, yesterday a lot of rain especially in the coast. We went to see the Swell Sculpture Festival at Currumbin Beach and got wet, but it was worth it.


A few new faces at the cattery, here they are.

Bear is eating well and getting cuddles, still adjusting to the cattery. Look at that coat!


Beautiful Bobbie is doing well


Bubbles ready for the sun
and Spooky and Roscoe coming out for a run


Charlie being a watchcat last night
Meeeooowww! Jessie


Cia, a lovely unassuming cat


Can I come out now? Cleo


Can I jump there? Hopey


Jingy's brushie time


Kiko is back for a longish stay


I'm not getting up yet, Mandy


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