Male tortoiseshell cat ‘genetically impossible’

Today’s guests: Thomas, Olllie and Sonsha and ChiChi

Excellent weather for the long weekend so we have a full cattery and very busy time.

Thomas doesn’t care about the weather as long as he has his beer box.

Thomas in his favourite spot
Thomas in his favourite spot

Ollie and Sonsha taking turns for the chair, scratchie and tunnel say hello to Gail, Sonja and Zane.

Ollie and Sonsha
Ollie and Sonsha

Two pairs of cats Wilson and Henry and Mickey and Festa went home today to their respective families. Yesterday it was Meika and Dusky Boy’s turn.

Very happy to announce that Taj has approved at least a couple of our wet food offerings, it was Desire; why did it take us so long to realise!!! He continues to delight everybody with his looks and lovely personality.

Adorable Chi-Chi patrolling the cattery

Cat Patrol

And we thought it couldn’t happen: a male tortoiseshell kitten has been reported

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