Maro the Cat Chef and Cattery Guests

This week we present Maro the cat chef that likes to pose in  costumes next to his latest masterpieces.

Via Buzzfeed

Maro the Cat Chef
Photo Credit: @rinne172


Great week of cats. A lot of newbies this week: Kirra a lovely Lilac Seal Point Ragdoll, Zuma an adorable long-haired black cat, family  Margarita super sweet Tortie, Boo Radley a brown Burmese, Ila a tabby and Misty a grey tuxedo all doing well. Dorian Grey is back with delightful brah Sirius Black. 

Shadow is going home this week after a many weeks stay, he’ll enjoy being home again. Billie and Violet settled well into their routine at the cattery. Cosmo is back for a short stay this time, and doing great. Ragdolls extraordinaire Tiger and Oscar have been as usual, the perfect guests. Molly is a little shy Tortoiseshell and it’s her second time here. Mocha is progressing slowly: getting a bit happier every day. Charlie is a gentleman with a placid personality and he is very cuddly. Tiesto enjoys his time in his patio and is not very interested in walking or playing outside his room. BooBoo and Oreo are very settled, Boo normally takes a bit longer than Oreo, but that’s OK. Trixie is waiting patiently for her mum to come back and having a relaxing time. Dodo needs a lot of cuddles and chats, and we love spending time with him. Snail a dear little black cat is always a joy to have. What a great collection of guests!






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