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We had a busy week with a great bunch of cats. Abby has been really good and friendly and patient at the cattery.  Booboo and Oreo continue to makes us laugh, quintessential cats. Charlie is very laid back, and after a while at the cattery, he started requesting to come out for walks more frequently and demands intensive cuddles. Dexter is back for a very short break, and usually it takes him a few days to adjust, but this time he will be gone before this happens.  Dearest Dodo is out home any minute now, mum is already in the country.



Jedda is an Oriental just like our Zaza and so far she’s only come out of her deluxe igloo when we’re not there. Orientals don’t get settled quickly and although she’s been here before, she says she doesn’t remember it. Beauty Queen Kirra is a little cat with a big personality, and we have been told she rules at home. It has taken her a bit to feel relaxed at the cattery and we’re very happy about her progress. Max is a night person and he’s out there as soon as it gets dark, a very sweet personality. Mocha is a loner and we respect that, we still try to be friends every day with her, but no luck yet. Rambo is missing mum a bit, but he’s happy most of the time and boy he can eat! Dear little Trixie is being her quiet and gentle self and we love her.


 We are featuring two families of cats this week, the Mt Tamborinians are Willy, Shelley and young kitties Betty and Abbey that were adopted at the same time. We admire her parents that have taken on board a 2nd tortoiseshell! They’re all quite happy, although Abbey wants to keep to herself.


The second family is the British Short-hairs one: Spooky, Riley and Giant 6 month kitten Harley. He will grow into a big cat and he’s a bit of a terror, but bruv Riley is very patient with him. They cat wrestle a lot and play with their mice and ping-pong balls and you can hear a lot of crashing and banging. Spooky the senior cat, said that he is very happy to get his own room, it’s heaven!


Next some fun photos of shop cats, click on the link to check them out.
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